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Removal & Replacement

As part of regular building maintenance or in the case of structure remodelling Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems can offer fast and efficient glass removal and glass replacement services in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We are experts at glass replacement and removal for aluminum windows, doors and entrances, curtain walls, skylights and sunshades.

Being a supplier and manufacturer of aluminum structures Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems have the intricate knowledge and insight required to carry out a seamless glass removal process. In addition, we have all the necessary tools and machinery that is needed to remove and replace any glass units within the shortest period of time and without interference of your building’s working hours.

During the glass replacement and glass installation process our knowledgeable consultants can recommend the best glass replacement solutions. Our glass options will not only create a modern design for your building, but will also help save your business money due to the energy efficient and eco-friendly glass system that we implement. The glass can be removed and replaced by durable insulated and fire-rated glass units that will stand the test of time. At Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems, we work with high profile Canadian glass manufacturers saving energy costs and delivering only the best quality thermal glass units available on today’s market.

Should you need high quality glass removal or glass replacement services for your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us at 416 742 4840. Our specialists will ensure a clean glass removal procedure, which will also include removal and recycling of glass and aluminum scrap that is usually left behind the building retrofitting and upgrades.

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