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Aluminum Skylight

Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems not only specializes in aluminum windows and doors, but aluminum skylights are another large component of our business. As with all of our products, when it comes to skylights, we offer un-paralleled craftsmanship and use leading edge technology in our manufacturing processes.

An aluminum skylight can add style and function to any facility, and greatly adds to the overall atmosphere of the structure. Skylights will add elegance to any space and serve as a great addition to winter gardens, swimming pool facilities, large open concept spaces and even waiting areas. Any space can be virtually transformed from the dull and boring to lively and warm, just with an installation of an aluminum skylight.

Not only is it a beautiful addition to many architectural designs but an aluminum skylight also offers cost benefits due to the significant savings on energy expenses many facilities face today. Skylights let in the perfect amount of natural daylight, and if placed strategically into the structure’s design, they can nearly replace artificial lighting.

Another great benefit to selecting our aluminum skylights is the fact that we use weatherproof materials, and excellent water drainage features which offer great water escape and keep your roof low on maintenance for years. The purlins and rafters have integrated drainage channels which set our aluminum skylights apart from our competition.

Aluminum skylight installation can be a bit of a process, as it is imperative that the install happens within a short timeframe without compromising the quality of the finished product. At Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems, our installers work as a team to ensure that the aluminum skylight installation is performed at top notch standards, and as efficiently as possible.

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