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Aluminum Sunshade

External aluminum sunshades are growing in popularity due to their aesthetically pleasing designs and external light limiting functionalities. Quite often they are seen protruding from the curtainwall systems of many commercial building entrances, such as schools, hospitals and business facilities.

At Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems, we recognize this trend and offer a wide variety of pre-fabricated as well as customized aluminum sunshade options. Sunshades re-direct and deflect sunlight and greatly minimize bright glares and heat gain through filtering just the right amount of light into the building. During the summer months, there is less need for air conditioning, and in the winter time, your facility can benefit from heating costs, which translates into significant cost savings on energy costs for any business.The ever increasing demand for energy conversation is making aluminum sunshades a must and in tune with eco-friendly designs.
In addition to the sun-limiting function and obvious benefits of energy savings, aluminum sunshades can create a distinguished design for any building, and add an elegant accent to the overall architectural styling.
A large majority of sunshades are mounted horizontally above the window or external curtainwall, and many times the structure of an aluminum sunshade can be customized to suit your desired style and budget requirements. Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems ensure that we fabricate our sunshades from highest quality aluminum materials which are free from defect. We guarantee that our aluminum sunshades reflect top workmanship and ensure that our products will last you for many years to come.
As always, you can expect excellent customer service from our sales as well as installation experts, who make it their top priority to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products and installation service we provide.
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