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At Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems, we take pride in our aluminum products. The aluminum windows we manufacture are no exception to the rule. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but most importantly we’ve built them strong and durable enough to last!

We have a wide selection of thermally enhanced framings for fixed windows, which supersede the CSA A440 requirements. Thermal enhancement is very important, especially for the demanding Canadian climate, as aluminum windows with thermally enhanced framings will ensure to keep the maximum warmth inside the building during the cold winter months, and alternatively keep the building cool during the summer. With the ever increasing energy prices, more clients are opting for the thermally enhanced aluminum framing to save on energy costs all year round.
In terms of selection, there are numerous designs available. Our aluminum window operators range from frameless, to casement, awning and hopper windows, to suit the desired look, and most importantly budget. The most popular style by far, has been the frameless look as it perfectly complements the glass appearance of a structural glazed curtain-wall, delivering a seamless finish.
The aluminum window products made at Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems are distinguished by quality and reliability, which means they are built to stand the test of time. However, should your aluminum window installation require maintenance our friendly service staff provides outstanding maintenance support. We also specialize in glass removal so should a window break due to an accident, or just wear and tear, our experts would be happy to come out and replace the glass for one of the same quality or better!
In addition, we not only manufacture the aluminum windows, but also perform the installations to further ensure quality of our service. As, an example our FLEX program is a great option, which offers adaptability to clients who have already purchased their own aluminum materials, and would like to have us fabricate aluminum windows, and have them professionally installed.
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