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Aluminum Curtainwall

 Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems offers a wide range of aluminum products for commercial and institutional clients, including one of the most popular architectural additions – the aluminum curtainwall.

An aluminum curtain wall is, in essence, a non-structural side wall, made of light-weight materials and intended for use on a side of a building. The benefits to using curtainwalls in architecture are vast. Not only does it provide a beautiful finish to any architectural design, but it also allows the maximum amount of natural daylight to penetrate further into the building, adding to modern open concept design, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to beautiful aesthetics, and stylish design elements, aluminum curtainwalls provide significant cost savings when it comes to construction materials, as well as energy consumption. Natural light is known to save thousands of dollars in heating bills during the cold winter months, as well it replaces the need for many artificial light fixtures. Thus, aluminum curtainwalls provide incredible value when it comes to energy conservation that is so important to many businesses today.

Made of top quality glass and durable aluminum products, curtainwalls are incredibly popular, and today they can be seen in every large city. Commercial towers, institutional facilities like schools and hospitals, auto dealerships, performing arts centres and many other facilities have invested into an aluminum curtainwall installation to enhance their overall styling, and certainly benefit from numerous cost saving factors.

Cando Aluminum Manufacturing Systems is the only place in Toronto you need to call for installation of aluminum curtain wall. We offer a full range of curtainwall products in stick built or prefabricated or pre-glazed variety formats that meet the rain screen principal and cover the building from weather elements.

Additionally, our FLEX program allows further customization of your project, as we give you the freedom to source your own aluminum materials, and leave it up to our experts to fabricate and complete the perfect aluminum curtainwall installation for your commercial property.

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